How to Select White Paint

There’s a thousand different white paint colors out there, it can be super overwhelming to select! I thought it would be helpful to organize the most common white paints from Benjamin Moore in groups of color undertones. Of course there are many more whites, but I took my favorite white paints and grouped them into warm and cool categories. In selecting a white paint, think about what color undertone appeals to you. Also think about the colors of your furniture, fabrics and finishes, are they more gray based or beige based?

Remember north facing light is cooler and north exposure will magnify cooler whites. South exposure will enhance warmer whites. Best thing to do is pick about 6 of your top choices, stick the paint samples on your wall for a week, and look at them during different times of day. Right now I have a bunch on my wall as I am getting ready to have my place repainted. I am choosing my favorite which is White Dove, it’s the perfect balance of greige, it’s not too blue, it’s not too yellow…..and looks great in all kinds of light.


what works where…..

Cool whites work well in bathrooms & kitchens.

Brights whites look great on trim & cabinets.

Warm neutrals (like White Dove) works well in Living Rooms & Bedrooms